Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here's the party!

A bit of a photo re-cap followed by just a few of the party photos...

My lovely mother-in-law and her three grand-daughters.
My sister Rita and her family, aka: popcorn connoisseurs.
We were so excited that Erik's parents made the trek from Minnesota to join us for the occasion!
Me and my sister-in-law, Erin. Erin and her family also made the trek from Minnesota - how cool are they? It was so lovely to share this event with them!

And... here are a few pics of some of the party guests... friends, family and more friends...  Enjoy!

Oh - the band! Les Vaughn - remember that name! We loved him! And his band!

Legos! For kids of all ages!

I cannot tell you how much fun this night was! It was such a special night for me and my birthday boy! We're so grateful for the opportunity to share it with so many people who are so dear to us. Thanks, everyone, for celebrating with us!

Ohhh... I guess this is the final post on this event. I guess that means I've officially wrapped this party up. Boo! I never like them to end! When blogging time is scarce it just means I get to savor the parties a little bit longer. I especially enjoyed savoring this one! And I always enjoy sharing these event endeavors with you. Thank you so much for following along!

Oh, man - I love event planning. I just love it SO much! I love the variety, I love the challenge, I love the satisfaction of a vision coming to life and... I especially love the beauty of it all. 
On to the next event... 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Here's the party! Well, almost!

Here's a few minutes - just BEFORE the party started...


Restocking the candy.
My lovely daughter and 2 of my adorable nieces.
Ohh... popcorn! We had a little popcorn bar! And it was all thanks to my sister Rita and her husband Gerry. They made the popcorn all fancy with one of those whirly pop machines. They've got this popcorn-thing down, they're even self-described "popcorn snobs".  And deservedly so - it was delicious and guests were raving about it!
Erik's sister, Erin - she was hustling around making all things beautiful!
And - Erik and I.
Going different directions... things to do... guests are arriving soon...
My boy.   ;)
Erik's 40!
And he's sampling the sweets!
The Candy Bar.
Beverage station.
A quiet moment.
Enjoying the masterpiece of lighting done by my brother-in-law, Brian.

Party photos coming soon!!!

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