Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree

It's Christmas time again! Time to decorate the tree! Yay!

Every year I try to make ornaments with the kids. Here's one that we did, just wrapped strips of fabric around a styrofoam ball. I really like to do ornaments that the kids can do, it's fun to see how the ornaments get more intricate as they get older. 

Elena (with blueberry stained face:)) is sewing this year! It's so much fun.

Deacon is turning the "cow candy canes" right-side out.

Paper chain fun!

That's what I call teamwork!

The ornaments on the tree.

I'm such a tree nerd, I love a theme tree!

Trying to show the sparkle :)

Fun fact: homemade ornaments are a Tumberg family tradition. We had to make them each year out of necessity because we never saved them from year to year and with 10 kids in the house I'm sure they got trashed anyways. :)

I've been clearing out my stash of fabric by making pillow covers for my random throw pillows. too much fun!

Now, if only the rest of the house was clean and if there were presents under the tree, we'd be ready for Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Candy Wreath Christmas Party

Grab these three items and some twist-wrapped candy and you have all the supplies you need to make a fabulous candy wreath.

Cut your ribbon about 12 inches long, squish 3 pieces of candy in a clothespin, double-knot the ribbon around the candy, remove clothespin, tie candy cluster onto metal ring and repeat... over and over again until it's stuffed full of candy and then grab some scissors and curl the ribbon!

We had a little candy wreath making party at our church, and these are some of the decorations that we did for the party.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a few scenes from Elena's 8th birthday party.

Happy birthday, little princess!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pink and Purple Girls Bedroom

We decided it was time to update Elena's bedroom. We tore out the shag carpet, picked up some paint and gathered all of our garage sale finds and we got to work!

Elena painted her new, (garage sale find) desk chair in a soft shade of bubble gum pink.

She did such a nice job and she was so happy to add some pink into her purple walled bedroom.

We made the headboard from shutters, another garage sale find - $7.00 for all four! They were dirty and a dirty shade of gray, so I quickly cleaned them up and white-washed them and secured them to the wall. We hung a few hooks, a few of her baby dresses to finish it off.

We set up a little vanity area for her with an old (garage sale find) tri-fold mirror, a $5.00 garage sale desk and her freshly painted chair.

These shutters were a junk (treasure) hand-me-down from my sister. We screwed cup hooks into them and turned it into a lovely jewelry display, fit for a princess!

Elena and I spent several days working on this project. It was so fun to take our treasures we had purchased at garage sales and jazz them up a bit to fit our needs. I hope we get to do many more projects together!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Metal Lawn Chairs

Oh, I love these chairs! They take me back to the rolling hills and dairy farms I was surrounded by as a child growing up in Minnesota.

In fact, several of these have even made the trip across the country from MN to WA. My father-in-law picked up the white glider chairs from someones garbage pile in MN. He replaced the bolts and nuts and cleaned it up and they have such a lovely glide, they really are a hot seat around the bonfire!

I found this one at an junk store in The Dalles on my 30th birthday, it came home with a shiny silver paint, but I think red suits it much better. Oh, and I love the dimple that's left from someone's target practice.

I always have my eye out for these and I have a bit of a game that I play, I try not to pay over $15.00 per chair. So far, that is the most I've spent on one chair, $15.00! They typically run about $50.00 at antique stores, but since I've found them so cheap, I refuse to pay that exhorbitant amount!

Since I took this photo, one more chair has traveled across the country from Minnesota, it's another white one, similar to the red and aqua ones, but it's a rocker and it's just lovely!

Oh, I love these chairs and I'm always keeping my eye out for more to add to my collection, the more chairs I have, the more neighbors I can fit around the bonfire!