Friday, October 28, 2011

Another treasure I found!

I found this stoneware footed bowl at a junk store a couple of weeks ago. It was $2.00, and I had to have it. It has a little chip, a little flaw... actually, it's just like me. So it suits me just fine.

I think my chippy, white footed bowl is beautiful just the way that it is!
And I'm thankful that God loves me just as I am and that God loves you, just as you are!

Hope you're having a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brownie Pie!

Getting ready for my daughter's 11th birthday, I was feeling pretty short on prep time. So, for the dessert, I opted to go for scrumptious instead of presentation.
I gathered up my pie plates, several boxes of brownie mix and a few choice ingredients.
I poured a little batter in and then started adding the goodies. One family size brownie mix will fill two pie plates. And at $1.50 a box (at Wal-mart) it couldn't get much cheaper!
So, I layered brownie mix, goodies, brownie mix and then more goodies on the top and then baked as instructed on the box.
And since I baked them in a pie plate, I decided that I made Brownie Pie! 
When they're done, they look a little bit like craters on the moon, but like I said, I was going for scrumptiousness, not presentation.
I made Oreo, Thin Mint/Junior Mint, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and Rolo Brownie Pies.
Here's the Oreo one, all ready for the birthday girl!
Happy birthday, Elena! Thanks for having a birthday and giving me a good excuse to play with food!

P.S.  The rolo variety was the party favorite! Oh, and I tried chopping up bits of caramel candy and well, it was delicious, but not easy to get out of the pan, I think we'll stick to rolos!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Successful day of thrifting...

In an attempt to gather items for Halloween costumes, the kids and I recently hit a couple of thrift stores. We found a few items for their costumes and we found a few essential and fun things too. Here's what we found:

We got this sizable pile of clothes for the kids, including lots of fun leggings for my daughter,
a fall coat and a nice winter coat for my son.
And for me, I got these cute white rectangle plates for me to add to my entertaining collection!
And we found an assortment of resistance bands too. Perfect timing as my thera-bands have all disintegrated, from too much use, I'm sure. ;)

Oh, and I found a pot! A really nice Aristo-Craft Stainless Steel pot!
I have looked, but I have never seen one of these pots in a thrift store, estate sale, yard sale, etc. My mom bought these when she was still a teenager, just about to get married and she loves them, so I was thrilled to get another one for her! Didn't find the lid, but I am certain that I will have a lot of fun looking for that and many more treasures on my thrifting expeditions!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm just getting back into the "Etsy" swing of things; working on this blog, doing a bit of sewing, dreaming up new projects, and adding new items to my shop as time allows. I find that the creative juices aren't quite as stagnant and winter is on the horizon, so I have plans to sew tons!

If you're new to Etsy you might be wondering what a "treasury" is... in Etsy's words, it's "an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery".  They usually have a theme; color, holiday, etc. You can make your own and you can browse through hundreds of them on Etsy and it's really kind of fun to do.

Anyways, the "Give Thanks" pillows that I recently made have been my hottest items on Etsy, meaning; people are "hearting" them and adding them to their favorites and they've made their way into 4 different people's "treasury's". This makes me giddy! I guess it feels like a bit of confirmation that what I'm creating is interesting to other people. Which, makes me even more giddy! And it's a super-bonus when an item sells, because that means I get to sew more and even better, buy more fabric! Yay! But, I would have to say that I really do sew for the pleasure of it all, I find it so relaxing and I really think I could get lost sewing for days, and I'd certainly prefer to give it all away, but fabric doesn't grow on trees my friends, thus the Etsy store. :)

Here are the treasuries that my "Give Thanks" pillows have made it into. Check them out, there's some pretty cool Thanksgiving related stuff there!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Granny Square Afghan

If I find myself in town with a few minutes to spare, I'll pop into a thrift store (or two) with the hopes of finding something that I simply can't live with out. Well, here's what I found today.
A fall colored "granny square" afghan!
And a multi-colored "granny square" pillow. Oh, I like them both so much!  I don't have an ounce of knitting-skills in me, so when I find a treasure like this, I can't pass it up! And the price was right, I got them both for $8.00 (2 for the pillow and 6 for the afghan). I love a bargain!
I love how they add so much charm and character to the inside of the house.
 So, I thought I'd try the afghan on the front porch.
Ooh, I think I like it even better outside.
Oh, I love fall; the bright pumpkins, the chilly weather and a good blanket to curl up in! What more could I ask for?
Oh, I have so much to be thankful for! Thanks be to God!

And thanks to you, for checking out what's sewing at GretaBag!