Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basketball Cupcakes!

My kids just finished up their very first little basketball season, so to celebrate, I made cupcakes! 
 Basketball cupcakes, that is!
 Aren't the bballs cute? I found them on clearance after Valentine's Day. And I had to have them.  
Of course, I didn't have to have them, I just wanted them. They are just so tiny and so cute, and they taste so... well, sometimes it is more about appearance, and these little guys are really, really cute! 
 The cupcakes were scrumptious, so the team and coach said.
I'm not sure what's more fun, making the cupcakes, taking pictures of the cupcakes or sharing the cupcakes... it might be all three. Cupcakes bring sunshine to my day.
Anyways, I made a few cupcakes for my little cupcakes... and the rest of the team!
And here they are, my two little cupcakes before their first game.

Just before the game started, Deacon asked me, "hey mommy, do you have any tips for me?"
I totally melted. 
My kiddos had so much fun, got tons of exercise (major bonus!) and they also picked up some bball skills! 
As we wrap up basketball, the kids quickly transitioned into a little wrestling camp. They're having tons of fun (and getting tons of exercise) learning a few wrestling skills and the fact that daddy's helping out with the camp is more than a huge bonus! Daddy time rocks!

But wait, I don't have to do a wrestling cupcake, do I? I mean, what would you even do for a wrestling cupcake? Certainly, it would be much harder than plopping a chocolate bball on top of a cupcake! Um...  it's the thought that counts, right?  

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