Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Community Easter Egg Hunt!

Oh, my family and I had so much fun at our Community Easter Egg Hunt this week-end!

Our Community Egg Hunt started 5 years ago at a time when my health was more than questionable, I was laying flat on my back after various medical procedures and suddenly I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing out a plan for a Community Egg Hunt. It was a great distraction for me and I could see the potential community benefits as well... so, I ran it by my neighbor (who has now become the Pastor of our little Community Church) and he thought it was a great idea! I ran it by the older ladies at church and they were on board... and, well the rest is history!

Here's a glimpse of our day!
 Here's, my daughter, Elena - fixing an open egg during preparations.
For the past couple of weeks, Ann and many other ladies have spent the coffee hour after church filling all of these eggs. This is my neighbor, Ann hiding eggs. Well, I guess there's not much hiding taking place, it's more like spreading eggs.
Actually, some eggs are hidden in the edge of the forest, but most are spread out on the church lawn.
A crowd is starting to form.

Pastor Rick, is rounding everyone up so we can begin the egg hunt!
There is no age limit at our egg hunt, if you think it's fun, you get to participate, we just send the youngest ones out first!
And there's no limit on the number of eggs you can collect, the baskets are usually overflowing!

And the next set of kids is off!
My sister-in-law Erin and her three adorable kiddos are checking out all of their goodies!
The editor of our local paper showed up and took a ton of pictures! We're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of this week's Pioneer! 

As the kids emptied their eggs, they looked for red tickets that they brought to Kim at the prize table. In this photo, the prize table is nearly emptied, but it had been well stocked with items donated by community members. We had cars, puzzles, jump ropes and we had a bunch of egg hunt t-shirts! It was a fun addition to the egg hunt, thanks Kim, for all the work you did to make this happen!
After the eggs are all collected, the kids empty their eggs take their goodies with them and leave the eggs with us - all ready to use again next year!
And then we go inside the church and feast on the Potluck Brunch!

After everyone has had a chance to visit the potluck line a time or two, we head back outside for the raw egg games!
Each year, I order a handful of commemorative t-shirts for prizes for the egg toss and the egg hunt, Elena is wearing this years design. Each year, the words stay the same, "Got Eggs?" the graphics just vary. I didn't find any cute graphics this year, so I decided to stick with plain old words, I think I like it! Might do that again next year.

 Here's the beginning of the egg toss!
I seem to have caught Phillip (the newspaper editor) in a lot of my photos! Since my "real" camera is in the shop, I can't wait to see the photos that he took!  
We take this egg tossing thing real seriously around here!  
I mean, look at our form! And notice the editor in the background again! Apparently, he never ends up in photos - well, I think I made up for it today! 
Yep, that's me! I also rarely end up in photos, (I handed the camera off to my friend Karan) I guess that goes with the territory for those of us who feel the need to document everything in photos. :)

I'm standing next to my husband, Erik - he's all cool calm and collected. My egg toss partner was my son, Deacon. Our expectations were high for the egg toss as we had won two out of the four previous years (thus my serious egg tossing-stance). But this year, we probably made it half-way through and then our egg broke. Oh well, we'll try again next year!

The finalists were spread out pretty far by the end of the competition.
Each year we're amazed by how many times an egg can bounce on the ground before it breaks!
In fact, these two - Elena and my niece Estella (in purple) were the winners of the 2012 Egg Toss and they didn't catch their egg - ever!!! It rolled and bounced and rolled some more. And they still won!Congratulations to Elena & Estella! 

Oh, it was such a fun event! We had well over a hundred people at our 5th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt & Potluck Brunch! What started 5 years ago, with just a few of us working on it, has turned into a true community event - many people in the neighborhood donate candy and toys to fill the eggs, they donate toys for prizes, they spend hours filling the eggs, they donate their time to set up tables and chairs, they donate their time and talents to decorate, they spend a lot of time making food for the potluck, and they come to the event and celebrate with us! Whatever part you do in the egg hunt, it is SO appreciated!

The Easter Egg Hunt is really such a fun way to gather with old friends and meet some new friends, right here in our adorable community! I love the community events we have here and am so grateful that I get to be a part of them! I love my community and I hope I'll never leave! It's a gem, this little place we call Mill A, WA!

Mark it on your calendars, this annual event is always on the Saturday before Easter! And of course, everyone is welcome!

P.S. Many more photos will be posted on our church facebook page and you can find photos from the past events there too! Take a look!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The time of my LIFE!

Oh my goodness! I had the time of my life last night! I packed up my pain killers and some pillows (back injury) and Erik and I hopped in the car (with heated seats - ahh!) and we went to the Blazers game!
This was the second game we've attended this season and I've been following the season closely, well you know - closely for a girl. I am so fascinated by the whole thing. I could watch it over and over again. I completely love it all. I often feel like I'm turning into my mom - she thoroughly enjoys watching sports; whether it's the Minnesota Vikings, the Timberwolves, the Twins or the Sebeka Trojans - she has always kept a good handle on them all. She really enjoys them and that's what watching the Blazers is for me, pure joy! I'm mean really, I'm in love. I've even been known to go back and watch the pre-game show after the Blazers game is over. However, I got pretty frustrated by how few games we are actually able to see on TV (since we live so close to Portland) so mid-way through the season my interest certainly tapered, but for a girl - I REALLY love the Blazers!
Blazers warming up.

Blazers stretching. I didn't know they did that on the court before the game, but I felt like a more informed fan after watching them go through their stretching routine.

Game time!
Several months ago I purchased a "deal" that I'd been waiting to use. I was given a free $10.00 coupon (thanks, Angela!) to use at PlumDistrict.com (like groupon or living social where the deals vary every day) and one day they had a deal where you could purchase a $40.00 gift certificate at ScoreBig.com for $11.00 I had never heard of this scorebig site and I figured I'd only be out $1.00 if I didn't use the certificate, so I bought it. The only tickets (in my area) that ScoreBig sold were for the Blazers, which worked out perfectly for me. I looked at the tickets several times, placed a few really low bids, but never got real serious about it. Until the day before the gift certificate was about to expire! Yikes! And low and behold the Blazers were going to be playing (my hometown state) the Minnesota Timberwolves! I needed to place a bid, and bid I did!  Counting the $1.00 + the bid placed on scorebig - the $40.00 (gift certicate) our total was = $59.00 for $200.00 of Blazers tickets! Ahhh! I love a good deal and a good seat!
Hey Mom! I tried to get a good photo of the Twolves warming up for you! :)

We had a good view of the Trailblazers bench, this is zoomed in.

Still zoomed in a bit.
This was our actual view.
I seriously could not imagine a better date! I was thoroughly entertained from the moment I entered the Rose Garden. I was so anxious to get there early and take everything in. I grabbed a snack before the game started, but I had no interest in leaving my seat for anything, except to stand up and cheer. And cheer, I did. I have found the inner sports fan inside myself and I'm trying desperately to squelch her, but it's not happening. I cannot believe the amount of enjoyment I get out of watching the games. I think I like it even more than my husband (actually, he's more of a football guy). But seriously, he spent the last quarter of the game making new connections for work. I mean really, he met a nice guy and they hit it off! All while I could hardly take my eyes of the court. Well, I guess I did get to see a person escorted out of the stadium, I think it took 8 security guards to tackle him and carry him out. The players on the court got a little physical too - that was kind of exciting. The cute little girls sitting next to me were on the big screen, a man two rows in front of me got one of the t-shirts that the man cheerleaders throw into the crowd. And I got a couple hours of pure joy.  
Oh, and we sat right behind one of the baskets, so for the second half of the game we got to use those annoying cheerstix every time the Timberwolves shot a free throw and well, any other time we darn well pleased. It was crazy and obnoxious and I loved it! The Blazers won 119 to 106 so we also got a free chalupa! Yay! And my husband met a new friend.
He also ended up with a leaky cheerstix! Ha ha! He had to keep blowing it up in order to bang his together! He's a good sport, it didn't slow him down a bit!
I've been pretty miserable these last couple of weeks; nursing a back/tailbone injury so the act of sitting is quite unpleasant. And after last night... well, it seems that I've earned myself a good day in bed.. but, it was so worth it! I loved it. I loved hanging out with my husband. I loved being in the midst of the screaming crowd. I loved seeing the phenomenally talented athletes run up and down the court. I loved the complete and utter distraction from being in pain and discomfort. Oh, it felt so good to get out of the house and be thoroughly entertained! I felt like I just went to the prom or homecoming, or something that was a really big deal when I was a kid - and well, I loved every minute of it! Seriously, I had the time of my life! Go Blazers! I can't wait to take in a few more games next year!

P.S. Yes, I certainly have loyalties to MN, but I guess I've been gone too long - the Blazers are my team now!