Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sewing Spree...

I decided I needed a new bag, so I dug my sewing machine out and went on a bit of a sewing spree!

Here's what I made!
I made myself a new messenger bag. I've had this plaid fabric forever and finally found the perfect project for it!
I thought I'd make a new Sauna bag too!
I'm loving the polk-a-dots and plaid in red-white-and blue!

We're in Minnesota, attending the Aho Family Reunion this week-end. As part of the reunion, we're having a family "swap meet" of new or homemade items. Since I was in a sewing mood, I made a few pillows too!
 I made these pillows in honor of my grandparents 70th Anniversary.

I've been wanting to make this pillow for a long time and now that I've made it, I think I'll make some more.
I have a couple of sauna bags and these pillows to offer for the Aho Reunion Swap meet, I'm limited to one item - so now I have to decide which one to bring... hmm, I can't decide...

Oh, and this is another pillow that I made for a dear friend! I'm thinking a "Lundby est. 1999" pillow is next on the to do list!

Oh, it felt so good to sew! I had so much fun on my sewing spree and (after vacation), I'm looking forward to tackling (and adding to) my sewing to do list!