Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy belated 4th of July!

Soo... yeah, I'm doing a 4th of July post and it's nearly labor day!  

Better late than never, right? Here's a bit of 4th of July happiness at my house! 

Drinks, cups, plates, etc. - all sorts of patriotic goodness!
 Shove a flag into a bucket of petunias and watch me smile.  :)
 Flag garland outside my front door.
 Elena (my trusty assistant) making little pennants for the dining room.
 Pompom love.

Oh, there's a lot of Americana going on right here! And I'm so happy that I'm falling in love with my cobalt blue glass again. I started collecting it for our wedding, I've kept it, sometimes it stays in boxes for several years until I'm ready to appreciate it again. On the other hand, the white milk glass that I had in our wedding - well, that I can hardly imagine growing tired of. Love them both, but the white stays up in my house year round.
 Pinwheels, love them!
Oh, my friend Liz brought us a bunch of cherries. Had to take their picture before I started eating them! Yum!
 Ooh, they're just so pretty!
 A new one for me - I haven't hung the flag garland in the house before - I think I love it! Oh shoot, that blanket's a bit wonky and there's all sorts of stuff on that table.
There fixed it.
Tons of red, white and blue!
And of course, I had to throw my milk glass vases on the table - had plans of plopping a flag in each of them... ahh, maybe next year!
Oh, I was just giddy when Katherine arrived with this!!! I sooo wanted to make a fun, patriotic treat, but my energy would not keep up with my dreams. I was so happy that she made something so patriotic - giddy, I say giddy! I guess I told you that already - but seriously - it made my day! And it made me giddy! And it still kinda does! Thank you, Katherine!
 Ahh... love it!
 Cupcakes in patriotic papers...
and little bitty flags, well these made me pretty happy too! Not as happy as the giant flag dessert, but a little bitty flag in a swirled cupcake certainly brings a smile to my face.
All ready for the party! Thanks to my team of little helpers (Elena and her friends) and adult helpers, (my friend Liz and her daughters) - we're ready for a little community 4th of July BBQ at my house!

I may have mentioned it before, I've been dealing with significant amounts of pain since March and my life was basically turned upside down. It was certainly one of the hardest times in my life and now I finally feel like I get to stand on the other side of it. I wasn't sure what my summer would look like, I wasn't sure if we'd be able to visit my parents and siblings in MN (I really look forward to seeing them since I only see them once a year). But, since we had this bbq in July, we have had a whirlwind of a summer; lots of fun with family and friends and I still have struggles, but my health is significantly improving! I'm so grateful and so blessed! And now, I've got about 5 months of chores, to do lists and reconnecting with friends to catch up on! I'm hoping for more healing too. And maybe I'll even get a minute or two to do something creative and maybe I'll even find the time to blog about it! I have high hopes! Several months ago, I would have never dreamed that I would be able to have a summer like I did - God is good, God is big and I plan to "hope" big!

I hope to be blogging more soon... thanks for stopping by!