Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday party centerpieces

Whew! I'm back from a whirlwind trip to MN for my parents birthday party! It was quick, it was lovely, and it was all about family! I'm wiped out, weary, teary and full of joy all at the same time.

Blogging about an event is my way of wrapping it up, digesting it all, processing all of the emotions, it's almost like finishing the final chapter of the (event) book... well, I'm not quite sure I'm ready for this one to be over, I kind of want it to linger on and on... but, I'll give it a try...

Weeks before the party, I spent several hours making these paper medallions. 
I made them out of a roll of packing paper and hot glue. Can't get much more affordable than that!
I shipped the paper medallions, these napkins and a stack of the little red buckets to MN.
My sister, Nora made some paper crafts and shipped them to MN too! She made these flowers out of coffee filters. I love them, she said I could have them after the party, I'm thrilled! Think I'll make a wreath out them.  
And Nora made a birthday banner and all of these circles with 75 (for my dad) and 65 (for my mom) on them. She used paper punches and good old fashioned scissors to cut the circles. She said it only took her the length of a Vikings game to make them. Go Vikes!
 And when we got to MN, she grabbed a hot glue gun and put these beauties together!
My sister-in-law Kiersten and I helped her open up the flowers a bit more. They were crunched down for packing and now they're all pretty and blossomed up!
 My sister Dayna chopped up little squares of Styrofoam and she tossed them into the cute little red buckets.
And the centerpiece assembly continued. Dayna even had some pretty little Lake Superior river rocks (left from my brother's wedding) to cover up the un-sightly Styrofoam.
And here they are! Aren't they cute? These centerpieces, like the whole party - were a great big family effort. I discovered party planning with 5 sisters and 1 sister-in-law, is the way to go! I'm pretty sure I should do that more often. It's not nearly as much work, not nearly as much stress and it was just so much fun to do this with all of my sisters and my sweet sister-in-law... oh, and my mom even helped a bit for her own party. It's okay, she'd want it that way. She's super creative and everyone in the tri-county area knows that she makes the best homemade lollipops, so we couldn't have a party without some of her sweets to serve to the guests. 

Last night, I did a quick flip through the photos and I got pretty teary... I'm anxious to share the party with you, but this is all I could muster for now...

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