Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl

At the last minute, I threw together a Super Bowl Party...

I've used these tablecloths before (my sister Rita's invention) - think green fabric with white duct tape, wash in cold water and hang dry and they're all ready to go for next year.
I made a giant pan of brownies (two boxed mixes) and my little girl grabbed a circle cookie cutter (squished it into an oval shape) and cut out cute little football brownies. We ditched the laces this year, but we did them last year - good enough, right? 
I made up a few dips the night before. I made a layered cheesy bean dip, Olive Garden Spinach - Artichoke Dip and...
this one, a Buffalo Chicken Dip. Oh, they were all so yummy, but this one is new in my "dip recipes" so it got a lot of attention. I found about 5 different recipes on pinterest and sort of combined them all, so chances are that I'll never be able to replicate it again... but, think cream cheese, sour cream, shredded chicken breast, green onions, Franks hot sauce, shredded cheese, tiny bits of celery... all baked in the oven until melty and then tossed into a (football) crockpot and you have some serious yumminess! And really, with those ingredients, it'd be hard to go wrong!

 Of course we had to have some chips to dip and some chips to... well, just to eat just as they are.
I also threw some hot dogs in another crockpot, it's oval shaped, just not football shaped. Which by the way, I love that my brown buckets also double as football containers - well, at least they did in my mind.
Oh, look how cute these two are. My oldest and my sister Nora's youngest, enjoying a game or two on the kindle fire.

Our super bowl party was more like a small little last minute gathering... my sister and her family and a couple of neighbors... and it was all just lovely.

I hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl festivities... I've already forgotten who won... but I can tell you that the Paul Harvey commercial was my favorite!

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