Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

Here's a little tour of my dining/living room on Valentine's Day...

We had a quiet Valentine's evening at home... just the four of us a dinner of Pad Thai and chocolate covered strawberries. It was filled with love.

I picked up a few seed packets and some jiffy peat pellets the other day, in hopes that spring is just around the corner. And I'm already thinking about what changes to make to my living/dining combo room to make it look a little spring-ier... I'm thinking a few touches of aqua will do or maybe a little bit of lime green will do the trick... guess I'll have to minimize the red - (I love red, it works for every season for me except spring)... hmm... maybe I'll have to make some springtime pillows... I love how a few little changes can make it seem like a whole new room. This is the only room in my house that gets this treatment and actually, this one room seems to satisfy my need for "home decor change".

Am I alone or do you make changes in your home decor based on the seasons? How about spring? Do you have any great ideas for adding a little spring time to your decor? I'd love to hear them!

Have a lovely President's Day!

I saw snow is in my forecast, but I'm ignoring and I'm pretending that spring is just around the corner!  

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