Friday, July 26, 2013

Party Prep!

Okay, here we go... here's my simple party prep...

Scrapbook paper, cut into 2 inch strips. I later cut it down to 1 and a 1/2 inches. It just worked better. And pay no attention to my quilt tools that I use for cutting paper straight... I never have been much of a paper crafter.
I added a few more prints and colors... it's for my friend and she's really not the matchy, matchy type. I'm digging the variety too. But it seems that a bit of matchy, matchy goes a long way when it comes to party planning.
Oh, labels. A party must. I love making these. I have a pack of Avery labels at home so I went online to and designed the label using their design program, printed them and there you have it! Labels that I'll stick on nearly everything that I can think of! They just add so much personalization to the party d├ęcor.
 See, I put them on water bottles.
And lots of an item, I love having lots of an item. It seems to take it to another level.
And I put those labels on the napkin wraps.
Hmm... they're starting to get a little too matchy, matchy for even me...
so, I made some with the brown napkins and random strips of scrapbook paper (I just used a tiny strip of tape to hold them on). There, a little more randomness feels good.
Oh, and look at those towels lining the baskets, they couldn't be more perfect. In fact, I already had them in my entertaining stash still in the package, just waiting for an occasion such as this!
Oh, and then I remembered I have a nice stack of mini white take-out boxes... and wouldn't it be fun to put together a little party favor for the ladies at the party? Ooh... and I have lots of dishes and laundry staring at me... so, I'm pretty sure making these is a necessity.
 I picked up a few little goodies to put in them. A tiny little pack of nuts...
 some little bath sponge poof things...
 and just a little bit of chocolate. I mean, the boxes are tiny, so tiny chocolate is perfect.
 Oh, they're so cute. That was an incredible use of my time!
Yep, still love them... but, I really don't want to do the dishes... I wonder what else I have around here...
Oh - this is perfect, another place to put one of those labels and even more perfect because the guest of honor really likes my little pinwheel thingys. And yeah, I've used them a time or two before... originally for my mom and dad's birthday party and then again as Christmas ornaments... I love that I'm still using them.
 A cute little matchy, matchy party set.
 I'd say we've got the makings for a nice little casual lunch birthday party.
The water bottles are all ready for the party. This little basket will go with us when we go to the Hot Springs Resort.
Here's one of the baskets (in progress) that my friends and I put together for the birthday girl. Customized for the birthday girl with lots of European dark chocolate, black licorice and a few other gourmet goodies.
Oh, I'm almost done with the at-home party prep... bummer, I'm having so much fun, I really don't want it to end (never mind the chores that are staring at me)... so, I'm pretty sure I need to wrap up those cute little take-out boxes in plum colored cellophane. Yep, that's exactly what I need to do.
 Ha ha! Oh, look at all that cellophane, it's so sparkly and over the top... I'm in love.
And all that cellophane looks so pretty with this basket that a couple of my friends and I are working on for the birthday girl... oh, she's going to love this so much! I can hardly wait to show her how much she is loved!

More 50th birthday party to come...

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Party planning...

You just might be a party planner if... you can gather these supplies without leaving your house...

 Plum napkins, brown napkins, brown plastic forks, spoons and knives and colorful scrapbook paper.
 Oh, I guess I left the house to pick up this set of plates. They're perfect.
But, I had this cellophane in my stash. And a few more items that I'll share with you in a bit...

I'm loving the color combo.
And I love that it's perfect for a little birthday party for one of my dear friends.

It's quite possible that I might be a party planner...  but, I'll never tell. :)

More party details to come...

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

4th of July Dessert Table

Ahhh.... I'm finally getting around to looking at my photos from the 4th of July. 

Oh... it was such an incredible day.
In my previous posts I told you I was working on a pretty dessert table for our community 4th of July celebration and here it is (in progress) on the morning of the 4th.
 I toyed with the placement of things...
I wasn't quite sure how the whole bucket situation would work out... but I think this works... it'll have to since we're setting up on the same day as the event - a new challenge for me. I'm accustomed to having several days to tinker, several days to re-arrange and several days to... well several days to think about things and just take my sweet ole time.

Oh, and look at all my buckets... all so galvanized and pretty and ready to hold ice and drinks.
A card table, a child's table, a milk crate and wagon... my quick solution to get multiple levels for all those yummy galvanized buckets! 

p.s. Coastal Farm & Ranch is thee best place to buy these and they have the best variety of galvanized buckets - they are my first stop when I need to add another bucket to my collection.
Still playing with things... all the plates are still empty... but it's starting to take shape.
Looking at it from a different angle... oh, if I had more time, I would've played with it for hours... but the band is setting up, there's a parade to get to... so I better hurry.
Oh, one more look... another view of the buckets and a bit of the dessert table. Oh, and there's my friend Angela and her cute little baby bump. Even with her "bump" she hustled around and planned and prepared...
and she even made this banner! It's so cute! It even matches the colors of the school wall. I love it.
And there's my friend Liz, she's busy setting up so we won't bother her. It was so fun to work with these girls (there's one more girl, I think I have a photo of her somewhere...) on this project. And it was a pleasure to do it all for our adorable volunteer fire department in our adorable community.
Back to my dessert table... look at those M&M's (I bought the last 2 packages at Kmart - note to self: buy them when they first hit the store shelves!) oh and look at my wooden boxes! I'm so glad I brought them!
Truth be told, I nearly didn't bring them. I was feeling like I'd already packed up everything but the kitchen sink... so I was trying to reign myself in, but my friend Maureen convinced me to go for it.
It was so fun to put my little cupcakes (with flags in them! eek! these make me giddy!) on top of my old wooden boxes!
Picking up a few last minute items at the grocery store, I noticed that Red Vines were on sale... uh, yes please! And, I'll take two! They were perfect for the 4th and one tub fits perfectly in my trifle bowl.
My star brownies.
I put them on parchment paper squares, I was getting nervous that a star may lose a tip or they might get stuck together.
Oh, and look at the cake that our local grocery store, Rosauers donated! It's so patriotic and it fits on my old wooden box perfectly!

After the dessert table and beverage buckets were set up, I quickly scurried home and shuttled family members to the beginning of the parade route, I hopped in the back of a pick up truck with a bunch of kids, rode in the parade route, gathered with my community for a flag ceremony and then quickly made a mad dash to get the desserts on the table and beverages in these buckets! Whew! I get tired just remembering it all.
Thankfully other people just jumped in and started opening soda boxes and water bottle cases and the buckets were filled in no time! Have I told you how much I love living here, I mean - these people are just great - they just jump in and get things done!
And the balloons, I can't forget to mention the balloons - and say a thank you to whoever invented these (I found them on pinterest)! Regular sized balloons filled with water and then froze - they won't melt nearly as fast as ice cubes... and of course I made them out of red, white and blue balloons!

My red star tray - if I remember right, it was a goodwill find. Love me a good thrift store purchase!
OH, and look at the cute rice krispie flag that someone brought - I never found out who brought it, but - well done, fellow food-crafter!
  There it is, my patriotic dessert table.
 It makes me happy.
And that flag on the wall over there - that makes me happy too. I needed the boys in the band to have a flag as their backdrop and my friend Maureen made it  happen. The silver duct tape matched my galvanized buckets and that made me happy too. It's the little things.
And here she is, my friend Maureen (and I and our cute flag t-shirts - I mean how cute are those shirts!?!). She's the other of the three ladies that I had the pleasure of working with. They poured their everything into this event; for our fire department and for our community. And Maureen's the one who kept pushing me to do it better and wouldn't let me hold back... and for that I'm thankful. 

Oh, I had a blast making goodies, I had a blast dreaming of a pretty table, I had a blast tinkering with details, I had a blast making a pretty table and I had a blast working on this event with my friends Maureen, Liz and Angela.

I cannot tell you how much I love living here and how much I love working on events for my community. I love how they bring people together and I love the buzz it creates... everyone gets so excited, it's just completely lovely!

I have hundreds of more photos from the event that I'll post on facebook soon... I can't wait to share them with you. It was an incredible day in our little community in the woods!

Happy belated Independence Day!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic Brownies!

I've got one more patriotic food craft for you. Patriotic Brownies!

I made a double batch of brownies in a jelly roll pan. Cooled them down and then put them in the freezer to get good and hard (otherwise the brownies would be a yummy, crumbly mess).
Then I grabbed my star cookie cutter and my cute little Pampered Chef spatula and started carving out brownie stars.
I just lightly pressed the cookie cutter in and used the spatula to cut around the star.
They're starting to take shape. And since they're frozen, they're holding their shape!
 Out of one pan, I got 16 beautiful, wonky stars.
 Which, if you considered how many servings you could get out a jelly roll pan - it isn't the most economical, but they sure are cute - and really, cute is our main focus here.
 The cuteness factor only grew when I started drizzling. A little white.
 A little red and white.
 And a little red, white and blue.  
 Oh, they are just so festive! I'm starting to squeal. Have I told you how much I love stuff like this. To me, it's pure happiness.
And my squealing (in my quiet Minnesotan way) continues when I place them on a plate all of their very own.
Oh, my stars look so crazy and happy and all ready for a celebration! I can't wait to share them with my neighbors! Aren't they fun!? I can hardly stand it! :)

Over the last few days it's been so fun to see the 4th of July excitement growing in our little community. My kids, the neighbor kids, even the adult men (our Volunteer Fire Dept. got a new engine and they're all so excited)... oh, there's just such a happy buzz in the air. I'm trying to sit back and absorb it all. It's going to be a fabulous day!

I'm about to head over to the picnic area to do a little decorating and setting up. A pretty dessert table is on my agenda - I've hardly slept a wink, I'm so excited! And I can't wait to share it all with you... which, I'll do after I spend the day celebrating Independence Day with my neighbors and my family... and after I get a chance to catch up on my sleep!  ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!
Happy, Happy Independence Day!

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