Friday, August 9, 2013

50th Birthday Party!

Hi... I'm back!
And I'm finally getting around to wrapping up the little 50th birthday party my friends and I threw for our friend Maureen.  
This was such a nice day. We started our morning at Carson Hot Springs. A few of us enjoyed a nice, leisurely soak and wrap. If you haven't been before, prepare yourself for a rustic environment and strong sulfur smell and a good hour of pure relaxation. Oh, it felt so good, I'm pretty sure I need to go again. Like tomorrow, or maybe even today...
P.S. local friends - it's half price on Tuesdays, it's usually a bit busy, but at $10.00 - it's worth it! 
After soaking and wrapping we were welcomed by a nice little picnic lunch prepared by Mid and Pat.
Oh, there's that table again. I think I love it.
Pat brought some cute little white flowers to add to the arrangements, I think they're perfect.
Oh, so much happiness.
Mid, Maureen, Karan & Angela - oh, and that's my spot right there, the plate with one of Mid's precious deviled eggs on it.
Such a great group of ladies celebrating one special lady.
Angela, Liz and Pat.
Ooh, this was yummy!
Huckleberry pie made by a special lady who wasn't able to make it. Thanks, Ann! We missed you and your pie was delicious!
Present time.
Happy birthday to you...  I think the birthday girl is happy and that's what we like! 
She's 50!
Birthday girl serving up another scrumptious pie, this one was full of chocolate and it was made by Liz. Oh, I could really go for another slice of that... it was beyond amazing.
Birthday hugs and happiness.
Aww, they're so cute! Dear friends - Mid and Maureen.

It seems that once I finish blogging about an event, it's officially over in my mind... so sometimes I drag out the blogging process as long as I can... yeah, I'm not sure I'm ready to close the book on this one... but, I guess all good things must come to an end. Oh, it was such a sweet morning with such great friends. Happy 50th birthday Maureen! Was a pleasure celebrating with you! 

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Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday Party Eve!

Happy Birthday Party Eve!
We're having a little birthday lunch at this little lady's house.
And look how happy she is! She's the host of the party, I just get to bring some little cute things over, but she's providing the sweetest environment and of course, the sweetest company.
A place setting all ready for a guest. Those plates were meant for this day.
  I popped my little paper medallions into Mid's spider plant. They look happy over there.
I had fun tinkering with this little corner of goodies. I'd like to think that I eventually straightened out the tablecloth, but ahem... well...
 ...there, we'll just crop out the uneven tablecloth out! Problem solved.
 I put a little bucket of water bottles on the floor. And then I smiled. A lot.
There, I think we're ready. It looks cute, it looks casual and it looks festive. I think we're done.
Or, maybe not...  okay, kiddos... you play cards with Mid while I play with these...
Ahh.... sigh... and sigh some more...
oh, these make me smile and they make me instantly calm.
Not only are they the perfect color, but I had them growing near my pond... such a treat to find such a beauty amongst the weeds.. but that's another story. I loved cutting them, I loved haphazardly arranging them. Oh, quite possibly the most peaceful job and addition to the party d├ęcor.
As you can tell, it's dark now, nearly past the game players bedtimes but I'm still playing with flowers... na-na na-na boo... uh, never mind - what I mean to say is I love playing with flowers and I feel like I'm having more fun than anyone else. 
 Ooh, don't they look pretty from this angle?
But, wait- once you take the party favors off the table, you can see the flowers better and look how well those flowers pop against that bright yellow tablecloth... lovely, just lovely...
I toyed with them and I probably even clapped my hands a time or two... they were just perfect and they just added so much sweetness to our little picnic of birthday lunch for the birthday girl who loves flowers. 
 Another angle. Yep, still pretty.
Now, to pop those favors back on the table and tear the game players away from their game... the birthday party eve prep is complete! I can't wait for the birthday girl to see what we've been working on, she's going to smile and be loved.

 Oh, wait... I may have straightened that tablecloth after all... well, kind of... well, never mind.

My friends, Mid and Liz and myself... oh, we had a good ole time setting up... Mid's dining room is not used very often so it was a special treat for us to have the party there. Liz and I got busy extending the table, Liz gathered chairs and Mid got out her tablecloth and the pad that goes under the tablecloth - whew, I'm glad my mother-in-law had clued me in to such things... I was about to set the plates right onto the table. Mid would have been kind, but I did feel a sense of relief that at least I had been informed of such customs. Again, whew! It was great that the tablecloth color worked so well, it made all of that plum-ish color just pop! I had forgotten a tablecloth in my planning, but not to worry, Mid had me (and the table) covered.

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