Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Our little "Cousins Camp" was held in late August, which for those of us living in the woods of the PNW that translates into our hottest, driest time of the year when the "burn ban" is in full effect.
Burn ban or not, every good "camp" must have s'mores! And the thought of managing a dozen or so marshmallow sticks for kids 12 and under... well, trust me this was the easiest s'mores option!

Marshmallows, a box of beverage stir straws (from Cash & Carry), some melted chocolate almond bark, crushed up graham crackers a handful of little boys and you have just filled about 39 minutes of your daytime activities at cousins camp! I'd call that a camping success!

And yes, sampling is allowed! Have at it, they're so yummy!
And look how fun they look! I love their creations!

A quick little activity for my nieces and nephews at our quick little Cousins Camp!

I've said it before... but, I think I've only got a few more "Cousins Camp" details to share with you and then I'll play catch up on my other entertaining/creating adventures over the last few months.

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Hope you have a lovely day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camp T-shirts

Well, you can't really have a "camp" without a camp t-shirt now can you? With many years of  "camp" experience under her belt, this project had my my sister Rita's name written all over it!
Look at these beauties made by the "cousins"! 
Rita made the design on the computer and then transferred it to a homemade screen. 

And here, my sisters, Rita and Nora getting the screen all ready for the little artists. 
 And each kiddo took a turn making their very own.

Even this little cutie made one!
And here it is!  And it couldn't be any cuter!

Oh, I love them. I even made one for myself! And I love Cousins Camp!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014


After all those exciting carnival games, the kiddos finally got to spend their hard-earned tickets at the canteen!


Oh, they were so excited!!! Crayon piggy banks, glow sticks, recorders, snacks... oh, they had so much to choose from!

Yay! I loved seeing those little ones so excited to get a bunch of trinkets at our little canteen. Definitely going to do this again!

I love my family and I love that my big kiddos had such a fun week-end with their little cousins at our little Cousins Camp!

More Cousins Camp to come...

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Carnvial Games cont.

Here's a little more happiness from our Cousins Camp Carnival Games! 
So many little guys and even a few big guys.
Ohhh, all those little blonde headed boys. 
And here's my little blonde headed boy... although, I guess he's not so little anymore. And he's taking these games seriously! Love him and his competitive nature. And there's my dad. Oh, it was so fun watching him be a "carnie" and having just as much fun as the kids!
My dad, my boy and my nephew Jack (and that's one of my sisters back there). Oh, I love how much fun all three of them are having. Making memories here!
And here they come, tickets in hand ready to put in their own special ticket holding container. Whew, that would've been a minor disaster if we didn't have a ticket holding system in place.
The intense carnival games in action!

Oh, those littlest ones and those tickets. I'm ready to do this all over again, just for that!
They just got so excited to get TICKETS!!! 

And a few of the littlest ones figured out that Grandpa was the guy to go to get a few extra tickets... they skipped the games and went straight to him and then headed back to their ticket containers! 
Oh, she can barely reach... but she was so thrilled to be like one of the big kids!
Okay, go back and get some more and bring them to Aunt Nora...
...and I'll keep taking your pictures of you all day long. Cutest little thing!

A few more Cousins Camp details to come and then I can't wait to show you pics from my daughters 13th birthday! Yep, I have a teenager and she's a delightful one, perhaps everyone should have one like her! And perhaps I'm a little biased. Nevertheless, I've had a few more entertaining/events happen in the last 6 months and I'm excited that I finally have the time to share them with you! Stick around, there's much more to come!

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I pray your hearts and homes are filled with love today and everyday.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cousins Camp Carnival Games!

Ohh, can't you just feel the energy???
Those kiddos were so excited!

Our games consisted of:
Basketball Hoop Shoot
Bean Bag Toss - the object was to toss the bean bag through the stepladder rungs and different point values were assigned to each rung.
Ball Toss - oh, these little monkeys are so cute I can hardly stand it. We assigned point values to some of the cups. Clearly the "no-leaning" rule didn't apply to her. :)
Big Ring Toss - we had some rings, smaller than hula hoops and the contestant had to stand back (at a length determined by age) and toll the ring around the t-ball stand.
Little Ring Toss - we used canning jar lids for the rings. This was surprisingly challenging, we had a about 50 rings and only a few made it on the bottles. At least the game looks pretty. :) 

There you have it! Our little, homemade carnival games.
We had 15 kids at our "Cousins Camp" with the eldest being 12 and the youngest being well, an infant. And these games worked really well for this age range. Oh, the kids had so much fun and the adults had just as much fun helping and watching them. They were all smiles! And they were so excited by all the tickets they were winning... more on that to come...

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Camp Canteen!

I'm baaack!

And I'm going to attempt to dig myself out of the pile of photos that I haven't looked at since... oh, September. Yikes. So, here goes...

Last summer my parents game to WA to visit so my sisters and I threw together a little "Cousins Camp" for all of our kiddos. As part of "Cousins Camp" Elena and I put this together...
A "Camp Canteen". I printed out a banner on brown kraft paper, perfectly campy I'd say.
We scrounged around the house, the dollar store, the party stores and anywhere else that might have goodies that a bunch of little kids would like. Elena was in charge of organizing the prizes and assigning them ticket values - whew, she's a good helper, that may have sent me over the edge. But, she had a system in place and to her it was all part of the fun! Again, whew!
Now that we have the prizes organized, we needed a way to win the prizes... so we put together a few "carnival games" for the kids to play... I'll tell you about those in a minute (or two) but with so many little ones, we also needed a way to keep track of every one's prized tickets! These little containers (old frosting tubs) were perfect little ticket holders for my nieces and nephews. Personalized with their own sticker names and all.
More to come...
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P.S. We set up the Canteen in our Party Shed. It's a lovely little gem that was here when we bought the house. I did a little re-vamp of it a few years back and you can see it here. Oh, the kids were so tiny I can hardly stand it, here's a little peek of them painting.
 And the actual Party Shed. I love this place.
More pics found here.