Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School Music Fundraiser... at-school prep...

Yay! We're getting the gym ready!
The backdrop is going up...
We're doing a repeat from last year - giant letters and giant music notes, it's all we need.
 Tah dah! There it is. "Music in Mill A". Thanks, Kelly and Linda for making this happen! Oh, and the music notes - Oriental Trading hooked us up, well not really, but we bought them from them!
Oh, the lights and pennants are starting to go up... I love this part... it's all coming together... the ideas that have been in my mind for months...
That little bitty gym looks so festive and happy!
And, that wood! Look at all that wood - it really is quite a  handsome school gymnasium!
Oh, and there's my little pinwheel/paper medallion things - I loved making those!!!
And over in this corner, we have the Silent Auction tables!

I've got more little details that I can't wait to show you... but the sun is shining today and may not shine again for days... so I'm going to ditch the computer and go pull some weeds! I hope you're having a lovely sunshine-filled day!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

School Music Fundraiser... at-home prep

Hi everyone!!!

I'm still here! And I'm in the middle of wrapping up a school music fundraiser and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Here's a little of the "at-home prep"... 

 Napkin wraps! I started working on these weeks and weeks before the event... I watched many a silly reality show whilst these beauties were created! It was time well spent. Well, sorta.
And my dining table looked like this for a couple of weeks! And I loved it! I love me some mindless paper crafting!
 They turned into these cuties!
 Oh - a quick little project, not even a craft - just make a label on, print it out, stick it on a take out box (from cash and carry) and give the boxes to your friend Liz and she'll make the most delicious goodies to fill them up with - and then you have the perfect gift for an amazing band that is playing at the school music fundraiser!

Oh, and in between all the event prep and planning - I did find a few minutes to crank out some of these treats for the silent auction. Uhhh... yum!! And I love that I found the perfect color blue candy melt - it's the little things... they're the best!

More at-school prep coming soon...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aaack! It's been way too long since my last post... I promise some day I'll get back to sharing all my fun with you!

But, hey - thanks for checking in... if you're looking for me or a peek at my creative life... come follow me gretalundby on instagram! There's even a bit of a glimpse of an event I'm just wrapping up... and I've got many more photos that I'll be sharing right here on this blog... so, come on back! I can't wait to show you!