Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crag Rat Hut

Okay, now that you've seen a bit of the pre-event messy fun, I get to show you the venue...

We chose the Crag Rat Hut just outside of Hood River, OR.

Here's what you see when you walk in.
If you go the the right of the rock wall you would head towards the kitchen.
And this is in the hallway, looking back at the front door.
 Standing in the hallway, here's the view into the big room.
 It's spacious. And there are 5 couches.
 5 of them. Um.
At least 2 of them need to be by this fireplace.
Erik's testing the wifi over there in the corner - and yep, it works.
 That little round table that Erik was standing by, well just around it is the stairway to the lower level.
Erik's sizing it up for the table arrangement for his executive meeting.
This is the rest of the room.

I actually snapped all of these with my cell phone on the first day that we got to peek at the venue. These photos came in quite handy during the planning process. I had no intention of blogging these, but thought it might be fun to show you all some "before" photos.

The whole venue is super charming, super interesting and is perfect for our day of multiple events!

For more info on the Crag Rats and their organization, check out their website

For more of my prep from this event, click here.

More event fun to come...

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