Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Executive Event!

All of the planning, all of the dreaming, all the decisions, all of my decorations, all of my fun serving dishes, utensils, all of the food, all of the... everything... it all happened today.
Today was the day. Yay! And yikes! :)

The day would start with Erik hosting an (all-day long) executive meeting and then quickly after that, we would be hosting a big Merry 40th Christmas Party for Erik and our friends. Uh, yeah. It's going to be a full day! And, it's going to be a fun day!!!!

So, here goes...
In the wee hours of the morning (after little to no sleep - but who's counting?), I shuttled myself up to the Crag Rat Hut to open up the venue, welcome Erik's guests and get a start on breakfast. Erik's dad and Erik's co-worker, Rene would soon arrive to help me.

Here's what they saw when they walked in the front door. Isn't it stunning???
I love it. And so did they!
Thanks to my sis-in-law, Erin for arranging all of my goodies so beautifully!
Then they saw the CANDY BAR!

The "candy bar" is an "event prep" fave of mine... picking out color coordinated candy, finding the cutest little bags, personalizing them with "happy birthday" and "merry Christmas"... and painting those chalkboards - oh, these were just a few of my fav-o-rite things...  

Ohhh, it was super fun to see faces and hear reactions when Erik's guests saw this... it still makes me grin.
Okay, back to the tour...
If they peeked into the dining room before they headed down to the meeting, they saw this.
And this.
Those banners - they were so fun to make and they look just right at home on that giant rock wall.

After I had a chance to greet Erik's guests, do a little more arranging of things and after breakfast was served, I took a breather and I left my camera and I left the lunch and snack time to these lovely, capable folks.

Breakfast was super cute, by the way - no photos - but, I know you'll take my word for it. :)

Anyways... here's Rene (Erik's sweet co-worker and friend - she also helped me with the last executive event that Erik hosted!) and Jon and Karen (Erik's parents). Erik's sister Erin was also there (behind the camera, I presume).
They were kind enough to take care of the rest of the meeting and they were especially kind to take photos of lunch...
Erik wanted to serve soups for lunch!
And I wanted lunch to be pretty - and "my team" did not disappoint!  :)
Oh, here's Erik - I presume he's talking about the soups... 
Which, by the way - were amazing!
Erik's co-worker, Dave made a White Chicken Chili, Erik's dad made his famous Tomato Basil Soup and Erik made a Butternut Squash soup.  And most importantly, they all looked really pretty.  :)

Aaannndddd... then I returned to the venue just as the meeting was wrapping up! And since I had missed out on all that fun, I had to snap a few quick pics...

It was fun to get a little glimpse of their day.

And this is also a sneak peek at my brother-in-law's lighting expertise... but just wait until you see the full effect at the party...
 I think the meeting went well! Happy faces all around.
I can't help but wonder how many "business meetings" this venue typically hosts... and how many business meetings have lights strung overhead...

But it totally worked for us. It was such a great location and it was exactly what Erik had hoped it would be. He likes to give his guests a different experience each time they come out to the gorge and they were all greatly impressed!

As they were wrapping up, I was getting my head around the change-up that needed to happen... and happen quickly.
 The party was to start in 2 hours. Along with (what felt like) about 500 other things, we needed to add a bunch more tables and chairs...
 ...and those couches, useful during the meeting, but they needed to go...
to the basement... it's (almost) time for a party!!!
Yay! And again, yikes!  :)

And... that concludes the "Executive Event" portion of our "eventful day!"
And it also concludes the photos taken by me. Once the party started, I dropped my camera and my brother-in-law Brian was kind enough to pick up his. He captured many moments and aspects of our party... and I can't wait to show you! If you were there... yep, you already saw it all... but for those of you who missed it.... I can't wait to show you!!! And I can't wait to relive it again - ohhh... it was such a special night!!!

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Thank you all so much for checking out my work!
I love event planning more than I can describe!
And I love taking my friends along for the event planning ride... see you soon!  

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