Friday, January 16, 2015

Here's the party! Well, almost!

Here's a few minutes - just BEFORE the party started...


Restocking the candy.
My lovely daughter and 2 of my adorable nieces.
Ohh... popcorn! We had a little popcorn bar! And it was all thanks to my sister Rita and her husband Gerry. They made the popcorn all fancy with one of those whirly pop machines. They've got this popcorn-thing down, they're even self-described "popcorn snobs".  And deservedly so - it was delicious and guests were raving about it!
Erik's sister, Erin - she was hustling around making all things beautiful!
And - Erik and I.
Going different directions... things to do... guests are arriving soon...
My boy.   ;)
Erik's 40!
And he's sampling the sweets!
The Candy Bar.
Beverage station.
A quiet moment.
Enjoying the masterpiece of lighting done by my brother-in-law, Brian.

Party photos coming soon!!!

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