Saturday, January 10, 2015

Merry - 40th - Executive - Christmas - Event Prep!

Ohhh-kay... I finally have a minute to breathe... so... before the next event comes I'm going to try to quickly wrap up the busiest event season of my life... here goes...

The last 30 days have been a whirlwind!
And I'm not even talking about those little holidays of Christmas or New Years or my 16th Wedding Anniversary and I'm not even talking about how I had houseguests for 2 weeks... I'm only talking "event planning"...

I started December organizing the Mill A PTO Holiday Bazaar - which by the way, was a huge success! My friend Jayne and I had so much fun working on this project - it included 28 vendors, a live auction, a silent auction, an amazing dinner (made by Jayne), entertainment on the stage and tons and tons of lovely volunteers and shoppers.
 One of my favorite moments was when a mom told me how her kids look forward to two events each year - the county fair and the Mill A PTO Holiday Bazaar! I totally melted! 
My kids have been doing the bazaar for years - and it definitely is a highlight of their year as well. Here's my boy getting his booth all set up!

The bazaar was just lovely!
I love that we raised money for the school!
And I love when so many different people gather together in one place. It's one of my all-time favorite things! 

Okay... about that whirlwind... 

As I was prepping for the bazaar I was also prepping for 2 more events.
Well, it was a bit of a 2-fer... and neither of them were small. And both were on the same day.
The first was an executive event. It's an all day business meeting with meals, snacks, beverages - the whole deal. (I did one of these for Erik a couple years back - you can check it out here.)
The second event was a party! A personal party. A Merry-40th-Christmas party for Erik and our friends.

So... including the bazaar, I was planning 3 events at one time. And they were only a week apart. It was a good little challenge for me. And I loved almost every minute of it.

I can't wait to show you the final results of both of them, but for now... here's a look around my house during a bit of my executive-40th-Christmas-event prep...

One day, one of my tables looked like this.
Another day all sorts of these letters were scrambled on my friend Maureen's floor. I'm pretty sure that's what friends are for.
This situation was found on another one of my tables.
And one day that table looked like this. This event prep is a family affair.

Oh - and my other table often looked something like this... and yeah, forget about having a meal around here, I've got crafty stuff to do! 
Aand... my kitchen looked like this. Aack!!! Isn't it charming? I swear the stuff was multiplying.
Actually, this was only about half - the other half was hiding in the guest room... which - by the way - did not have any room for guests.
Oh - and there was that one day when my counter looked like this.
Had to do a little trial run on the candy bar.
It's an event planning must.  
And that late night - when my table looked like this - well, I was just giddy!!!
I borrowed these lovely wood rounds from my aunt Ruthie (everyone needs an aunt Ruthie!) and I filled my sister Rita's canning jars with Epsom salt, added a tealight and I oohed and aahed while texting photos to my sisters... I've got lots of sisters, they come in handy at times like these. They oohed and aahed right along with me - via technology, of course.
And then I remembered I'd just hit the jackpot on these chargers...
I had to try out the full table arrangement.
And I needed a little red and white bakers twine... a little on the napkin, a little on the jars...
Ohh - I love this part so much!!!

The beauty and the creativity of it all makes the intensity worth it.
I'll do beauty and creativity forever. It soothes my soul.

I can't wait to show you more... it was such a special morning, day and night.

If you ask me - it was a once in a lifetime deal.
If you ask Erik he says... "well, next time we'll do... "
Ack! He's such a dreamer, that man of mine.

More event planning fun to come...

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