Monday, January 12, 2015

Set up day...

Okay, here we go... after 2 months of thinking about this day... it has finally arrived!

Those 3 vehicles (and one more, to bring a few extra tables) - well, they were all jam packed and they were all necessary to haul all of my goodies to the event site. 
After unloading all the goodness, we quickly went into arranging mode.
Those (5!) couches proved to be a bit of a conundrum. Not to worry, I've got such a great team with me - we'll come up with something!
And, here are the littlest members of  "my team"!
A few of these kiddos came all the way from Minnesota and after a few quick hugs, they were quickly put to work!
Centerpieces in progress.
Event planning - it takes a village. Or, a family. And a few friends.
Table layout, ironing linens, getting decorations ready to hang... it's starting to come together!

Erik's parents; Jon and Karen, along with Erik's sister, Erin, her husband Brian and their 3 kiddos were kind enough to travel from Minnesota. Arriving the day before, they quickly became "my event team".
Jon and Erik were on cooking duty.
Erin, Karen and the kiddos were my decorating, layout, setup... well, just about everything else team!
Brian was my lighting guy. He quickly went to work on lighting the downstairs - ohhh, just wait... you have to see it! He did such a fabulous job! In fact, the couple that was using the venue the next day for their wedding reception - the couple who had no plans of using the downstairs at all - well, they quickly changed their mind when they stopped by and saw the lights!!! In fact, I got to leave a bunch of my decorations up for them to use - they were thrilled and so was I!

I can't wait to show you the lights, the rest of the decorations and the party but, before I get to those I want to show you a bit of the "executive event". So, come on back, there's a lot more to see here, folks! 

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